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Summer Reading: The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas

The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas

The editors of Country Living magazine have outdone themselves! All the best decorating, storage and DIY advice from the magazine have been compiled into their new book, The Little Book of Big Decorating ideas. Its almost like a Pinterest page you can carry around with you without the annoying broken links! They even have a simple and concise appendix in the back for the how-to features.


From afternoon projects like how to show off souvenirs from last years beach vacay, to weekend warrior overhauls like using varnished craft paper as wallpaper, the projects inspire endless ideas for your home. T

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San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2012

Salivating for a feast of design? The tables are set and the pillows are plumped for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2012, opening this weekend.

More than 30 talented West Coast designers have breathtakingly transformed the historic and stately mansion at 2020 Jackson Street, for this 35th annual Showcase—a benefit for San Francisco University High School’s financial aid program.

I was privy to a peek the other day, and I came away impressed and filled with inspiration. Many spaces are memorable, but I found myself reflecting on the creative and cozy eating areas. (It was lunchtime, after all.) Here’s a just a taste of what you’ll see….

(Click on the photos for more detail).

Such a festive solution that Marysia Rybock and the team at Scavullo Design created in this vibrant and inviting dining room. The goal

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Simple Ways to Conserve Energy in your House

It is our duty to save energy and in turn save our mother Earth. There are many ways that we come across when the topic of saving energy comes into picture. Just following the simple ideas can change the way you use energy. You will be able to save more energy for next generations. This will give you inner satisfaction and peace. Some ways are very easy and less costly to implement. Some other ways are costly but remember nothing can be costly than energy.

Some of the simple ideas to make your house environment friendly are shared here:

Take advantage of Sunlight

Use the sunlight as your light during day time. Try using the sunlight to the optimum level by having glass roof tops and glass windows. You can go one step ahead and use reflectors to make the room brighter.

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New Years Resolutions for Your Home

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How are you all doing with those New Years resolutions now that a week has passed? Personally, Im still just trying to catch up on work after the holidays. Anyway, Im sure the gyms and Weight Watchers meetings must be at full capacity but will wane soon. When it comes to resolving issues around the house, ride the resolution wave while youre still motivated. Here are a few tasks you can easily accomplish.

1) Take that donation box to the Goodwill or thrift store to drop it off. Before you leave, add anything youve been saying I can get $20 for this on eBay about yet never gotten around to listing and those things youve been saving for when you magically lose 20 pounds.

2) Grab a pen and pad, or better yet, your camera phone, and make a list of all the little projects that need doing.

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The Weekend Guide: April 12, 2013 — National, Local & Online Sales & Events Calendar

Spring seems to be taking its sweet time in getting started across much of the country. If you’re feeling a little sluggish from this cold and rainy Spring, perhaps a little retail therapy is what you need. Check out all the sales and events in the Weekend Guide, pass it on and be sure to send us your own sale or event.

  • Bauhaus in the Balance on artnet Auctions artnet Auctions is proud to present Bauhaus in the Balance, a sale of 45 works, including pieces by the colorists Josef Albers and Wassily Kandinsky, designs by Marcel Breuer, and photographs by Marianne Brandt. The principle purpose of the Bauhaus was to integrate different disciplines of art; this created a cross-media dialogue, established a forum for the exchange of ideas, and cultivated a community that supports the arts. T

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Seeing the big picture (window)


Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient, replacement windows are designed to save you energy without sacrificing the functionality and features that you may be looking for when upgrading your home windows. This upgrade allows you to re-do your home for an affordable price and even save money on your electricity bill. These new windows may reduce your energy bill by around 15% and will help to protect the environment. You probably want to be able to let light into your home, but those old, outdated windows simply get too hot. With energy-efficient styles, the window panes will never become hot to the touch and will not allow air conditioning to seep outside of the house. Pu

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February, Feng Shui & Valentine’s Day

Are you aware that you will spend 1/3 of your life on average sleeping? Your environment for sleeping should be of great concern.

We typically decorate and maintain the areas of our home that the ‘public’ sees. Why do we not take the time to create a beautiful space for ourselves?

February is the month for Romance so now is the time to focus on your Master Bedroom.

  • Colors,
  • Bedding,
  • Lighting,

…all play a part in how the space will make you feel.

A colleague of mine, Joyce Hammig, owner of Blue Heaven Interiors, who specializes in Feng Shui, has offered the following tips to perhaps create a ‘spark’ for Romance and maybe even a better night’s sleep!

1) One of the first things to consider in creating an intimate, romantic feeling in the bedroom is color. Soft,

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