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Month 14 was officially the BIG month in the DIY House Addition Saga. It was the  lets move out of the garage and into a house month. The hey look, I it takes more than ten steps to get from one side of this room to the other month. The sweet baby jesus, I can take a bath month. In short, its been pretty amazing. Also? An exhausting amount of work, but thats nothing new.

Here are all of the big changes.

Month 14 Progress: Interior Spaces & Goodbye Garage

It started with one. finished. bathroom. Getting it to that state meant grouting the tile, finishing the Pottery Barn inspired vanity and having the sink and toilet installed.

After that things kind of snowballed. The cabinets magically appeared in the kitchen one weekend except for that one in the corner.

Then it was several days of shoveling debris cleaning up the rest of the living spaces so that there would be an actual place to sit in the house.

Also, one other little addition (which is one of my favorite things in the house) that Ive neglected to show you is the fireplace grill. This was a bit of a splurge but worth every penny.

The closet was also finished up

Which led to the bedroom floor, and even more excitingly, the appearance of a bed.

And I have to tell you its a bit of a struggle not to just stay laying in that bed in that big mostly-finished room all day. But since the plan is to eventually have a second finished bathroom, I spent a lot of time banging my head against the wall while putting in this floor.

Biggest pain in the ass project to date, but since it looks good I wont spend too much time complaining about it.

There was also some progress on the exterior of the house, with the mountains of dirt in the backyard finally being leveled out and seeded, and even a little progress on the siding.

What can I say? Weve been busy.

Month 14 Injury Report: I Need To Stop Using This Finger

It would be too much to expect all of that work to go off without a hitch, but I also think the universe may have some kind of vendetta against this finger

Which was alternately sliced open by a tile and then invaded by a splinter the approximate length and width of a toothpick.

However, it is still attached to my body, so my fathers dire predictions about the future state of my digits have yet to come true.

Month 14 DIYed and Didnt: In My Element

I really like the heavy duty phase of construction particularly since Ive learned so many new things as this house was being built, but theres also something to be said for doing something your 100% confident in and just being able to rock out.

In the last two months I:

  • Painted the bathroom and kitchen ceilings
  • Built and finished a bathroom vanity (including tile top)
  • Assembled a corner cabinet
  • Coped and installed baseboard in the bedroom and closet
  • Installed tile membrane and and WarmWire floor heating system
  • Installed the bathroom floor tile
  • Sanded and polyed the bedroom floor

The next month is going to be more of the same, but after that you never know I may just sit back and drink umbrella drinks for the rest of the summer. Or, you know, maybe finish the siding on the house. Either one.



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