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Death By Paint Swatch

Im starting to believe that someone could suffocate in the number of paint swatches Ive managed to accumulate over the last couple of weeks. That someone will probably be me, but Im holding out until after the long weekend.

While theres so many other projects I could be working on, Ive decided the holiday weekend calls for something more relaxing. Which means Ill be texturing the drywall and painting at least three rooms in the house.

Here are some of the colors Ive been considering

Shades of gray and green in the kitchen:

Similar (or the same) color for the great room:

And blues or greens for the office area:

I love people who are like, we picked out three shades, painted some swatches, and picked the perfect color all in a day!

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120-’Zipper Dress’ design by Sebastian Errazuriz

Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz seeks to create works that can remind people of their mortality, invite them to look again at their lives and question their daily routines.

His convertible Zipper Dress design is nothing short of stunning in any of its possible stylistic configurations. The wearer can simply zip and unzip along any of the horizontal zipper lines to convert their clothing in a matter of seconds.

What might be most remarkable about this design is how quickly it can shift from elegant to sexy, a full-length, single-piece dress one could potentially wear to work into a skimpy, short-cut, two-piece number that could put some bikinis to shame.

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Earthbag Home Update

Owner-builder Aaron posted a progress update on his small earthbag home. One of the aspects we don’t usually see online is the hard work involved in building one’s own small home.

While this video shows just a few minutes of what turned out to be a 19-hour marathon building session – you can get a good idea of how exhausting pouring a concrete bond beam on top of an earthen wall would be. Most folks will use wood but Aaron went with concrete. In the end his home should be much stronger for the extra effort but I wonder if he’d make the same choice next time?

By day Aaron is a web developer and works from home, which is currently a small trailer he shares with his wife and baby girl. Their property is located somewhere in rural west Texas (I think), has a pond, garden, and lots of blackberry brambles. They’ve

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Declaring My Independence (From the Air Compressor)

I have a long history of hauling the hundred-and-fifty pound air compressor around behind me as I try to hang window trim, door trim, and baseboard. I also have a long history of swearing at it.

This weekend I finally decided to break the cycle, and you knew this was coming bought a new tool:


This is a Paslode cordless 16 ga angled finish nailer.

And shes all mine.

Cordless nailers run with a combination of battery power and disposable fuel cells.

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Century Furniture wins 2011 BEST: Made is America Award

One of our largest furniture Manufacturers, Century Furniture, was just announced as the 2011 BEST: Made in America award winner. Century Furniture, located in Hickory, North Carolina will receive the award at the annual Take Pride in America celebration in Washington, D.C. this July. The not-for-profit educational organization, MADE: In America – who gave Century this award – encourages the exchange of domestic products in our global minded economy.


Design Lines has always had a strong relationship with Century Furniture. We are collaborating on a large project with them, which we will be revealing early Fall 2011! We

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Celebrating Moms!

Mother’s Day is not just about celebrating mom because she is your mom; it’s about celebrating all the little things she does for you each and every day. It’s thanking her for driving you to sporting events, making dinner, reading bedtime stories, sitting in the front row at graduation, baking birthday cupcakes, helping with a science project, and so much more!

Do you have any special Mother’s Day traditions? What is your favorite ‘Mom’ moment?

We have A LOT of moms at Company C and so we asked a few of them to share their favorite Mother’s Day traditions and favorite ‘Mom’ moments with you!

Chris: “Our family spends Mother’s Day at my brother’s house on the coast of Maine. I love this day…especia

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