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J&J’s Tiny House

Julian and Jessica are building a tiny house in California based on one of my free tiny house plans, the 8×16 Tiny Solar House. They made a few changes to the design to suit their needs. To begin with it’s built on top of a 24-foot trailer, has a 6-foot deep porch, and 18-feet long. They’ve made it wheelchair accessible which makes it more comfortable for their good friend and host.

You see a year ago Julian and Jessica owned a business in Florida and were living a normal life when they decided to make a change. To make a long story short it was one of those wake-up calls they makes one rethink their values and goals. Ironically part of their wake-up moment included seeing a television segment about tiny houses with Jay Shafer and Dee Williams.

So in the last half of 2010 they sold their stuff, closed down their business, and took their good friend in California up on an offer to live on his land. Their

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What is a Hybrid Home?

The terms hybrid log home and hybrid timber home can be found within many company websites, magazine articles and blogs like this one.  But just what is a hybrid and what does that mean to you?  Typically, “hybrid” means anything that’s created from two or more unlike elements.  While most people are familiar with the term as it applies to cars that use two different fueling methods, hybrid applies equally well to home construction.  In general a “hybrid home” refers to the way the home is constructed – a combination of methods used to create the structural shell of the home.  With so many building methods available, the definition of hybrid can vary from one company to the next.

Combining Log or Timber with Stick Framing Log or timber homes that incorporate stick framing for parts of the structure are one category of hybrid.  The traditional idea of a log home is one with log walls around the entire home, however, many companies are now providing stacked log walls, log post & beam or timber framing in some parts of the structure and conventional stick framing in others.  Most often the log or timber elements are used in the more public areas of the home where they’re the most visible, with stick framing doing the heavy lifting in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Combing Log and Timber Structures A hybrid log and timber frame home is one that uses timber framing and handcrafted or milled logs within the same structure.  For example, this variation of hybrid could have log walls but use timber trusses to support the roof. This has become a pop

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Go Green With Ceramic Tile

Flooring, walls, backsplashes–ceramic tile is a popular, versatile material that can be incorporated into a variety of projects. Many styles of ceramic tile are quite affordable, too, making it an ideal choice for the DIY-er on a budget.

But who knew ceramic tile could be so green? You’ll breathe easy around ceramic tile knowing that no plastics or solvents are used to make it. In fact, ceramic tile is largely made from natural materials like sand, clay and feldspar, according to information released by FloorBiz.com.

If LEED certification is a goal, ceramic tile can help a project earn LEED points, depending on how and where the tile is manufactured. The tile’s production process has also evolved over the years.

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A Room with a Cue

  There is an old adage that hard work has its rewards. Our handcrafted furnishings definitely bring us immense personal satisfaction but it’s always an extra boost when we are recognized for our quality from sources other than within. We just learned that our Thomas Moser room at the Harraseeket Inn has received the Editors’ Choice Award for Best Designer Room in Maine by Yankee Magazine! Not only is our furniture ensconced in the room, we had the opportunity to decorate the space as well.   Here’s what the editorial team at the magazine had to say: “For fans of Shaker-inspired furniture, staying in the Harraseeket’s chic Thomas Moser Room is a treat. This oversized space, decorated by Moser’s team, blends traditional and contemporary designs accented with works by Maine artists.” Now, that’s what we call a referral!

Honeysuckle Day at Company C!

Last month we told you about Pantone naming Honeysuckle the 2011 Color of the Year. Well, this month we celebrated Honeysuckle by asking our employees to wear it on May 11.

Pantone refers to Honeysuckle as “A color for all seasons. Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it.”

Here are some snapshots of our employees draped in Honeysuckle!

Beth was right on with her clothing selection!


Clockwise from top left: Kierstin, Maggie, Petra, Beth, Lou-Ann, Erin, Amanda & Jodie


All about color…Walter supported our Honeysuckle Day!


We are in love with Julie’s Honeysuckle shoes!


Share your Honeysuckle pictures with us! We would love t

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A Closer Look: Jasper Johns

Just in time for the 4th of July weekend, I want to introduce you to an artist with southern roots that everyone should get to know.  Jasper Johns is an artist who was born in Georgia, raised in South Carolina, and rose to fame as one of the most important American Painters of the 20th century.  Take a look at one of his most famous works: Flag from 1954.

With Jasper Johns, things are not always as they seem.  He used the flag in order to comment on flatness in modern painting, and used dense brushwork to imitate the strokes of Abstract Expressionists like Jackson Pollock, although in a controlled and deliberate manner.  He

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